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Ego Branding and Consulting Inc. is a full service branding and consulting firm that aims to help businesses by providing them with the right resources to navigate through the new business world.

Without the proper support or network, many businesses will not succeed. Our goal is to continually think outside of the box and allow for clients to thrive and establish themselves as viable entities. By providing and connecting our clients with a network of seasoned professionals, Ego will be the singular destination for the modern entrepreneur providing them with comprehensive marketing and business development strategies.

Who We Are

The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.
Muhammad Iqbal

And with those words, Ego Branding and Consulting Inc. was established. A venture between two business partners and friends, Ego was created as they identified that many small and mid-level businesses had a need to achieve top line growth by increasing their visibility and establishing brand voice, but didn’t have the right team providing the proper support. With a collective 10 years of experience between them, Ego’s founders decided to create a firm that provides large firm support with individualized attention.

While many businesses are born out of great ideas, new businesses often suffer from not having the right team behind them. By providing services that many new and established businesses overlook, Ego is poised to become a leader in consultative marketing. By readily identifying where clients can strengthen brand image and marketing initiatives, Ego provides clients with the blueprint to grow, market and profit with their business.

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