Major Theory

What You Need To Know – Major Theory is the embodiment of a counterculture entertainment company. As a rule, the music industry’s primary focus is the “hit” song. They see things differently; their goal is to create a brand that can withstand the test of time, with the belief that innovative guerrilla-sales tactics and brand experiences, amongst other strategies, are synonymous with success.  |  EPK –

Dante Lennon

Danté Lennon - Major Theory Artist

Danté Lennon is the distillation of a modern artist. Not confined to the norms of a genre laced with artists who have seemingly forgotten how to paint their own pictures, but instead trace the outlines of the same story, Danté Lennon is what you would consider a rare find. Introduced to the culture of hip hop at a young age, Danté Lennon has become the type of artist that can only be described as unexpected.  |  EPK –

Charles Dieujuste

What You Need To Know – Charles Corvsky Dieujuste, launched his collection as a fusion of old world glamour and modern silhouettes.

Charles Dieujuste

The elegance of New York City, along with the picturesque visions of his native Haiti — with its rich culture full of life and ambiance, plush green mountains and a colorful array of flowers, became the spark which ignited his passion as a fashion designer. His family, savvy with textiles and knowledgeable in the art of garment-making, gave him the exposure he needed to teach himself the skills to begin his journey. With a strong educational background in fashion marketing and management from Berkeley and a two year dual-placement with contemporary fashion brands LaRok and Elizabeth and James, the vision of his collection began to emerge.

F1rst Person  |  EPK –

What You Should Know – F1RST PERSON effortlessly merges the elements of hip hop as an emcee, producer and poet and is ready to re-introduce the industry to a true emcee.  Spending the last decade fine tuning his skills and broadening his musical reach, he is more than just the average rapper. Hailing from what was once the “murder capital” of the US, F1RST PERSON has an imitable perspective on many of social issues that affect his community and the community at large and uses his music as a platform to tell the story of those often forgotten.

Special Projects

Crystal Caines

What You Should Know – Crystal Caines can only be described using one word – artist. The rapper and producer has worked for almost a decade to establish her identity and sound in an industry that usually sticks to the status quo. Effortlessly merging her talents created a unique package that the industry has not only embraced, but has also proven to be what is missing. Drawing from influences of her Harlem and Guyanese background, Crystal Caines has been able to create a sound that is all her own. Her infectious lyrics captivate audiences in the same way that Hip Hop is able to draw people from all over the world who want to be a part of its allure.

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