Women Who Invest In Themselves (and Others), Go Further

Ego Branding & Consulting aims to create a community for black female founders that offers them guidance and resources to help them navigate and build successful ventures. We intend to disrupt the pattern of what Silicon Valley purports a founder and entrepreneur to be, by bucking trends and leveling the playing field for black female founders through networking and guidance. Our aim is to create an ecosystem that allows black women to support and create a foundation that allows them to continually build, when diversity and inclusivity is no longer the trend.


A Practicum Designed For Black Female Founders

There are a lot of programs out there that focus on many of the different aspects of launching a start up. From learning to scale your venture to discussing valuation (and what that means), but one thing that most founders aren’t truly prepared for and many programs only address in part, is the “pitch” and the importance of being able to sell your venture and story to different V.C’s, angel investors or even your friends and family. Our practicum’s aim is to help black female founders strengthen not only their pitch, but their ability to be engaging and informative whenever they are discussing their venture whether it’s in front of an audience of 1000 or 15 seconds on an elevator with Oprah.