You’re ready to launch your new venture. Everything is in place, your website is engaging, you’re app is in beta testing and you have 1000 email sign-ups at the ready, You understand the value of your startup, you’ve done a couple of accelerators and have strengthened your business plan and model and now you’re in front of a potential investor with 10 minutes to convince them that not only is your idea valuable but viable - are you ready?

Pitching your venture requires more than just saying the right thing, our Pitch Process program was created to help black female founders perfect the pitch and secure the funding in an online community that consists of their peers and some industry professionals.


Get Your Pitch on

Join an online community of your peers and industry professionals. Our program allows you to perfect the art of your pitch in front of an intimate group of people. Work your elevator pitch or practice to be prepared in front of any type of audience. Level 1 of our pitch program is for the founder who’s just started their journey and is looking for help developing their pitch and voice.

Pitchin’ Ain’t Easy

Join an online community of founders who have pitch experience, but are looking for a place to refine their pitch. Level 2 of our program is for the founder who has completed an accelerator and has some pitch experience but is looking for feedback and direction on strengthening their pitch.



Pay Me In Equity

Join an online community of founders who have made it through the accelerators, have won some pitch competitions, but are now looking to ensure their pitch works for investors. Level 3 of our program is for the founders who have been living the startup life, has completed accelerators, secured funding through competition, but is now ready to face potential investors and is looking for a place to work on their pitch until it’s second nature in front of a VC advisor.

Interested in 1x1 pitch assistance? Want the feedback without the audience? We can create an individualized pitch program just for you.